Commercial Title and Closing Services

Unmatched underwriting excellence for
the most intricate transactions.

Streamline your major commercial transactions with Priority Title. Our comprehensive expertise is at your fingertips through a single point of contact, backed by the capability to handle your most significant deals. Our industry-leading underwriters respond promptly and offer unique solutions, while our skilled closers adeptly navigate obstacles, ensuring efficient deal closure. No matter the scale or complexity of your commercial transaction, Priority Title is committed to providing the expertise and services necessary for your most substantial deals.

What Sets Us Apart

Smooth execution of your nationwide commercial transactions is guaranteed through strong relationships,
unparalleled expertise, and innovative solutions.


Access top-tier underwriting expertise with world-class professionals
right at your fingertips.
Setting benchmarks in the industry, our world-class underwriters establish standards for underwriting services by delivering timely and innovative solutions for intricate transactions.


Proficient in handling diverse asset classes through extensive experience.
Whether it's industrial, educational, energy, government and bonds, healthcare, retail, multifamily, or office, we possess extensive experience in a wide array of real estate transactions.


Transactions spanning single sites, multi-sites, and multiple states.
Facilitate your most significant commercial transactions effortlessly with Priority Title. Our expertise is easily accessible through a dedicated point of contact, empowering us to handle your largest single-site, multi-site, and multi-state deals with strength and efficiency.


Extend Your Reach
Our licensure to issue policies across various markets ensures that our expertise is within reach. 

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