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Priority Title Mobile provides access to vital property information available anywhere, anytime.
This powerful application gives real estate professionals instant access to property ownership and characteristics,
title transfer information as well as comparable sales.

A list of neighborhood home-owners and a market-value analysis make this application a true stand-out.

Draw the boundaries of your farm

Define the boundaries of your farm with precision and ease, ensuring a clear understanding of your designated information.

Ability to export Farms

Effortlessly export vital real estate farm information, empowering you to manage and analyze property data with efficiency and precision.

One-click Property Detail View

Gain instant insights with a one-click property detail view, streamlining access to comprehensive real estate farm information at your fingertips.

Turn over ratio

Optimize your real estate turnover ratio with the tailored features of our farming app, ensuring efficient management and strategic insights for increased property turnover.


Property Profiles

Priority Title app is your mobile access to
California real property data on any residential parcel in California.
This app enables you to easily find information on property ownership
and characteristics or even nearby sales while you're out serving clients in your market.

Priority Mobile App

Gain The Competitive Edge

Get the new
Priority Title Mobile App 

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